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Sharing Cubase Audio over Microsoft Teams and being able to speak over it and hear others

When I am on Microsoft Teams I want to be able to share my Cubase screen and playback with my team members. But they only see the screen and not the hear the Audio. If I set the realse Audio when ...
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4 answers

Alternative to Soundcloud for academic use

Just wondering if anyone knows of a SoundCloud alternative suitable for academic use. I'm really looking for something which will allow students to post and contribute sounds to a central site or page....
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Random Sound Thread--Please post a random sound

Please post a random sound, everybody visiting this site. Creepy wooden door creak
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Amtrak onboard announcement New York

Hi all A friend of mine is working on a little doc (not commercial) about his journey in the US (we live in Italy). He did some field recording, but missed the Amtrak onboard announcement when his ...
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What were some of your first projects?

I was wondering if anybody could share some of their first experiences and the first projects they worked on for sound design and maybe compare where you are now. Obviously things have changed but ...
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