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Binaural Recordings

Anyone who is doing binaural recordings, what mics/setup are you using (makes & models of mics and for setup: binaural head, in-ear etc.) I'm looking at investing in some and would like to have ...
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How do you use gain effectively?

Have read a few descriptions and understand basically what gain is, but I am quite the novice with audio work. I've never heard gain or it's usage described by those who are really familiar with it ...
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18 votes
12 answers

Cheap DIY solutions, like using egg cartons

I record and produce as a hobby, so funds are limited. What are some nice do it yourself solutions people have found. As an example, you can line the walls with egg cartons instead of paying for ...
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7 votes
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How to connect Powered Subwoofer to Mixer?

I have two Alto TS210 Powered Active Speakers connected to Yamaha MG06 Mixer, which is then connected to my laptop via Stereo Y-Cable. That setup is working fine, however, I would like to now add a ...
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Undestanding a recording studio configuration

I have recently taken over as the Technical Manager for my local Talking Newspaper (local news recorded for visually impaired listeners) - my technical background is more in IT/Web Development than in ...
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