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Sennheiser EW 100 G3 (Lapel) - Good starting settings

Just wondering what people are using as their default settings for the TX/RX Is this a good starting point for standard-scenario (i.e. Lecture, interview ... ): Transmitter -21dB Sensitivity ...
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flstudio - How to not play sound on placing a note in piano roll?

I just got flstudio and I'm new to it, so I started creating music and I experienced very annoying thing. When I place a note in piano roll, or when I move a note from one place to another, a sound (...
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How do I keep my guitar signal from clipping in logic pro x with UA Apollo Twin?

Using a UA Apollo Twin with Logic Pro X, I cannot record guitar without it clipping. I've tried messing with input levels within Logic and UA Console, but then the signal is weak and quiet compared ...
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A condenser mic gain tuning on a mixer

I am working with a pair of condenser microphones. My mixer's gain knob should be turned on about half of single step (almost "minimum") to adjust the sensitivity each of one. Is there a trick, how I ...
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Creating sounds that take place in a wide, rock, canyon? How do I make this sound more authentic?

Just looking for general tips. I'm not asking you to do my job for me.
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Site Security/SPAM Question [closed]

NOTE: This isn't so much about spitballing about spam-prevention techniques - it's more of a question/plea specifically to Andrew: can we implement something on SSD? Just a quick question here, I'd ...
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Native Instruments 8-bit Chiptune

Hey all, Anyone know of any virtual instruments that have some good chip-tune like capabilities? I have some of the Native Instruments stuff like Abysnth and FM8, etc. Those will be looked through as ...
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