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What other programs can open Adobe Audtition .sesx files?

.sesx files are Adobe Audition editing session files and contain non-destructive edit decision lists (EDL) of separate audio files (e.g. .wav) that they reference, the .sesx file also including multi-...
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sound design demo session for protools?

Hi Guys! my first post in this wonderful site. so many thanks in advance.. what I'm looking for is a pro tools session, (feature film/drama sound design/editing session) for me to download, in order ...
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Organization of Pro Tools Sessions

Hey all you professional peers, I am curious how you organize and keep track of different versions of Pro Tools sessions. How do you write the date? Do you have a standard naming convention you use?...
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Setting a session for dialogue editing (question about John Purcell book)

I am reading the John Purcell's book, and finding it very useful. I need to set my session at the best way to improve my work. Right now I am editing a dialogue, and I will have to mix, too, a low ...
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What is your pro tools session set up?

In the past I've worked using a MASTER FADER and bounced out using the bounce option. but I've been made aware recently of not using a master fader at all and utilising sends (such as M+E, Dialogue) ...
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In Adobe Audition, is there a way to capture entire Multitrack session as an Image, like JPEG or PNG?

I want to show the procedure and look of my edit and mixing to people and also to client. Is there a way to capture / export session mixed tracks as image formats like JPG or PNG ? Any script or ...
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