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How do you organize recording session files?

For the past year or so I've been recording jam sessions on my new (and growing) modular setup. I don't do it every night, but when I do I usually record 3 or 4 sessions. So... without actually ...
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Workflow / Work Organization

Well, basically I'm looking for tips about staying organized when working on a project: Dialogue editing hours, background editing hours, sound design hours, etc. Tips on working the session in stages,...
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How can I avoid multiple instances of an OMF while copying a session in ProTools?

My PT session for a short film has several audio tracks, and at some point I imported an OMF from the foley department. I worked directly from this OMF (maybe the problem started here?) with editing, ...
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Setting a session for dialogue editing (question about John Purcell book)

I am reading the John Purcell's book, and finding it very useful. I need to set my session at the best way to improve my work. Right now I am editing a dialogue, and I will have to mix, too, a low ...
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Sound "Palettes": organization?

Hello everyone :). Inspired from the way painters,am, paint (haha), what is your favorite way of using your palette(s)? I mean, painters have their colors right to their sides, where they see them and ...
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Managing "scenes".....specifically, Pro Tools workflow

I'm currently working on a throwback radio drama (no image involved). It's not long, however, production value is going to be very high. There is a fairly significant amount of foley/sound design ...
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Edit Session Layout Tips for a Shootout

Hi All, First time cutting gunshots for linear sound design and I'm running into some issues. Designing the single gunshots has been fine so far, but I've just hit about 15sec in a row of quick cuts ...
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Gigantic Foley/EFX sessions.

Hi team, A question for all you foley/location/EFX recordists out there... I recently spent an hour or two with a few balloons in my quiet room. Yes, microphones were involved... I recorded the ...
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