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Should I sell this awesome equipment?

I bet any music-lover / audiophiile knows this one. You own or find or get a great piece of audio equipment, be it speakers, a huge old tube amp, old mixing desk, vintage headphones, etc. for which ...
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A question about publishing a small library of russian ambiences/sounds

UPD: thanks to everyone, the question is closed. The library is published on my website, you'll find the full info here: Urban Russia sound library UPD 2: updated the library with new material (24/09/...
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Noob SCI-FI Sound Designer...

Hey There! This is my first post here so, please forgive me if I am asking obvious questions or just stating the obvious. ;) I am a 20 year veteran of the Television industry as an Editor (Avid) and a ...
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How to choose where to sell my sfx?

This article I found today. I think that might be of interest. You what is your opinion about that? Selling Sound Effects: How to Choose Where to Sell – Part 1 Selling Sound Effects: How to Choose ...
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What websites do you use to sell/buy used gear?

I have been trying to sell my Fostex FR2-LE on and but Its just not getting sold. What other sites do you use to sell and buy used gear?
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How do you LICENSE your sound effects?

There was this thread awhile back, "How to Make money with sound design." I wanted to delve back into the issue if anyone cares to share their expertise or experiences. I would love to start a ...
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