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Sound Devices 744t - Preamp / Self noise or Mic?

Recently purchased a used Sound Devices 744t and have been very impressed with it in general, however as purchased 2nd hand I have had some minor worries about it (most of which are probably unfounded)...
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Is this normal for a RODE NTG 5?

I bought a used NTG 5 and am trying to gauge if I got a dud or this behaviour is normal. This Video is self explanatory, but basically, whenever I try and use my NTG 5 with my Pocket 4k I get this ...
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Is the microphone's self-noise the main source of background noise in a quiet room?

I am preparing a DIY home recording studio. I did four experiments a new Samson C01U plugged into a Mac computer and recording into Audacity. I recorded background noise in one room without furniture ...
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