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How do you get to know microphones and decide on microphone purchases?

This is a question that's been on my mind lately as I'm starting to collect a selection of especially field-capable microphones. As there's so much to choose from in terms of microphone techniques, ...
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Selective amplification of a voice signal

In many TV programmes, the director is speaking to the show host via an ear-piece that the host is wearing, and at many instances, what is being said through that ear-piece is more or less audible ...
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4 answers

Cardiod vs. Hyper/Super Cardoid for inside speach

I'm researching about what microphone I should pick up as my first mic. I've boomed on several short films and am at the point where picking up a portable mixer and mic collection come in handy. ...
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How to Procedurally Change Selection in Audacity Chain (Macro) | Normalize Long Track in Chunks

Is there a way to procedurally change the audio selection within an Audacity Chain? Background: I work on the raw footage for very long GDC-style talks, where my primary goal is just to increase the ...
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Replacement mic for an AKG D202E1 for studio spoken word recording

Not been the best of nights at our Talking Newspaper studio tonight - one of our five AKG D202E1 mics has died! (the metal barrel part of the barrel was a bit loose, and it seems to have been twisted ...
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