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For questions about SD cards, used for file storage.

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Why does Zoom H4N insist that the card is full?

I put a freshly formatted (on a PC, FAT32) 16GB SD card into the Zoom H4N, and after recording 3 GB in 5 files, it insists that the card is full. Simultaneously it shows a large time (hours) ...
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The difference between SD Cards and Compact flashcards

Hello, We are in the beginning stages of deciding what to buy for a new film school. Er are looking at Sound Device 722 and the SD552 but I think we have settled on the 722. I have a question though ...
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Has anyone had trouble with non-magnetic recording gear around magnets?

I've looked around online and found conflicting beliefs about the safety of having magnets near (non-magnetic) electronic recorders. Since CF/SD doesn't operate magnetically like a hard drive or tape,...
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What to buy 744T with TC-Slate or H4N with regular slate?

What are the benefits to using a 744t with a slate running time code over a zoom H4n with regular slate if the camera is a Canon DSLR? are there any tutorials out there on syncing time code from a ...
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