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What is your favorite scream?

Hey guys, sorry for absence from the forum lately... crazy times... I'd like to know what your favorite blood-curdling screams from film or television are. And nobody better say the Wilhelm scream!...
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Recording Screaming on set interior

Hi, A student of mine asked a question as to how to record screaming onset. He mentioned that the room they were in was quite reverberant and no matter what he did (limiter, pads, standing way back ...
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What is this screeching noise?

There is this sound commonly used in trap / rap beats where a screech is sometimes present in the background. It is usually an effect to help set the theme for a song. In the scenario, it is a more ...
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Can I turn an vocal prase in a scream?

I have a soundpack of spoken vocals and I would like to use one of them as a scream. I'm not really intrested in keeping the chareteristics of the person who made the vocal but I just want them to ...
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