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Films which blur the distinction between score and sound design?

Can you think of films where the distinction between score and sound design is creatively or accidentally undermined? In a lot of films the distinction is really clear: score is orchestral music, ...
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Suggestions on composer/sound designer relationships?

In indie film and theatre alike, there can be a lot of gray area in the middle of sound design and composition, especially if the director doesn't establish specific roles. I would love suggestions ...
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3 votes
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What should be the credits for score designer using library music?

I'm making a soundtrack for a film, but instead of writing the music, I'm buying songs from music libraries and building the score. In other words, except of actual writing the music, I'm doing the ...
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How do i take the arpeggiated midi and get the notes/rhythms being played in logic pro?

I arpeggiated a bass line in logic using the smart tools. I want it to show me the score for what's being played but it only shows me the chords at the moment.
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Best Way Add Dynamics to Sustained MIDI Note

What is the most appropriate way to invoke crescendo and/or decrescendo changes on sustained MIDI notes via a modern DAW? Will some types of changes show up in the score editor while others only show ...
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How to remove Hitler's voice using audacity | Removing a certain typical sound in audacity

Watch this clip. [clip removed from youtube since this was first asked.] It has a sound of Hitler's speech in the background. I want to remove that, and just that. Is it possible to do that using ...
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hello I am about to start a project at university where I have to write an underscore for a video game cinematic trailer. Just wondering what you guys think of Omnisphere for this project or are ...
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The blur between Sound Design and Score.

As a sound designer I'm pretty precious about my work and in previous projects have also undertaken the score as well but with my latest project am working remotely with another part of the team ...
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Virtual Instruments in film music composition [closed]

Are the use of virtual instruments in film music composition having a positive negative or both on the overall quality of film music?
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What do you call a rising sequence of short notes in a composition esp with strings?

I have a noticed in a few pop songs you occasionally get a series of notes that sounds like a set of short notes rising in succession - usually done with strings. One example is in Abba's Dancing ...
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