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Is there equipment capable of recording the entire audio spectrum (audible through ultrasonic)?

Title pretty much says it all. I imagine it would take specialized gear through the entire signal chain - more like lab equipment than studio recording equipment. Probably a combination of inputs to ...
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1 answer

What's the science behind acoustic dispersion?

So acoustic dispersion is the phenomenon responsible for the classic Star Wars laser sound. An answer in this thread recently also linked to some great recordings of ice sheets which exhibit the same ...
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1 answer

Does sound lose quality if sped up and then slowed down back to normal speed?

I am trying to research and find whether audio quality degrades if sped up and then slowed back down to it's normal speed, on the one hand its shortening the track so there is bound to be a loss of ...
3 votes
4 answers

Psuedo-Science of Sound. Sound healing and "digital drugs". Is there a useful diamond in the BS rough?

Hey guys, Sorry for the long title. I've been thinking a lot about these unconventional and slightly controversial uses of sound outside of a "sound design" context. I wonder if there's anything ...
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7 answers

I want to understand the science of sound.

I'm interested in digging deep into the science of sound and I was wondering if there are any must-read resources that anyone could point me to. I understand that this is a broad topic, so I am ...
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When Bjork met Attenborough, Biophilia, and crazy home-made devices ! (?)

Hi guys, more of a discussion than a question... Just watched a great little documentary "When Bjork met Attenborough". Was a Channel 4 programme here in the UK. Not sure if it'll be available to ...