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Is Music School worth it? [closed]

I'm 22 years old, and my dream is to become a Music Producer. I'm self taught and I believe I'm very good at it. I make money from it sometimes, about 100-200 bucks a month, but there are months that ...
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How and where should I start learning about sound design?

I am a junior in high school am being pressured to go to college to get a "real" career. I'm really just interested in sound design though. A lot of people tell me to stay from big name sound design ...
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Relevance of digital recording and mixing techniques to analogue equipment

I'd like to begin learning about sound engineering, and am considering going to college for it this year, but I could do with some advice first. It's analogue music production I want to work in, but I ...
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Jump in Sound Design [duplicate]

My name is Riccardo i'm 23yo from Italy. I'm trying to abandon my work as sound engineer and jump in the world of Sound Design. Until now i've always passed lot of time working with Ableton Live on ...
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Should I go to Vancouver Film School for Sound Design for Visual Media? [closed]

Is it worth it? Especially if a third of tuition is covered under a scholarship?
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Sound Design Schools

Hey guys! I'm a Mexican/Spanish guy (yeah, that happens a lot) graduated from audio engineering in a Mexican music production school. I'm way more interested in sound design for movies, video games, ...
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Inspiration for a newbie to sound design???

Hi, My little brother is looking to go to grad school for sound design. He's an amazing musician primarily as a bass guitarist but is handy with most other instruments. He mixes all of his bands ...
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Studying Sound/Sound Design in the U.S.

I'm currently looking for four-year schools at which I can study sound design in the U.S. Probably ought to provide a bit of background - I am a musician (keyboard/synth) and do pit work for musicals, ...
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Pre-Film School Preparation

Hey guys, I'm going to be leaving for film school later this year and before I leave I was thinking of what would be the most essential things I would NEED to work on my school projects and other ...
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In search of sound schools

Hi, I'm a young sound designer about to finish high school and i'd like to know what schools have the most reputable programs. Any suggestions?
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Sound design Education

What schoold did you attend to get into the sound design field? Where your experiences good? I am looking at VHS. Any reccommendations for good sound design programs that will prepare me for the field?...
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