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Do you treat "your own" first reflection points?

It's well known that you should treat the first reflection points in your studio- i.e. the surfaces that reflect sound directly from your speakers to your ears. My intuition says that you should also ...
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Why not put acoustic foam over acoustic panels?

I have been doing research on acoustic treatment for my "home studio". It seems that the general principle for first reflection point panels is to make panels out of porous insulation and ...
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Metallic reverb from ceiling, only in 1 room

I just moved into a new house and I'm having an extremely strange sound issue with one of the rooms. Everything within the room reverberates with a strong metallic sound that appears to originate from ...
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Acoustic treatment - Bass Traps w/o drywall?

I'm about to frame/drywall a room approximately 18 x 14 x 9 and acoustically treat it. I plan on using rockwool insulation for its acoustic properties, fire/waterproofing etc... It's my understanding ...
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How Do I Reduce Noise Floor in a Booth With No EQ

I need to submit a raw recording to an audio engineer with no editing for a demo. The noise floor of my recording must be at least -40 RMS. When I do not speak, the RMS is at -60 but when I do speak, ...
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How to do a temporary acoustic treatment of a living room with kitchen extensions, windows and irregular shapes?

Hi all sound design wizards, hope you are keeping safe wherever you are! I am music producer outside my other regular job, and I make instrumentals, record vocals mix and master in my living room. My ...
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How works perforated acoustic wood panels?

Perforated acoustic wood panels seem to flourish everywhere in public places nowadays. I saw them installed as room separators, on walls (with or without an air gap), and even on a classroom ceiling. ...
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How to Acoustically Treat kitchen-extension of room?

I have a room layout like this. The red panels are acoustic panels placed around the room, and the squiggly surface is gonna be a curtain. There's an extension at the upper part of the room that used ...
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Which software can simulate room reverb and response?

I would like to roughly estimate the behaviour of my living room as it is now and with some sound absorbing elements, such as bass traps, Helmholtz panels and/or resonators, skyline diffusers. The ...
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Designing a diffuser to direct reflections to side walls

Floyd Toole in Sound Reproduction recommends using a diffuser on the ceiling that should scatter sounds from front loudspeakers that would normally be reflected to the head locations of listeners. He ...
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Front acoustic absorber placement with in-wall speakers [closed]

I'm building a home theater and plan to use an acoustically transparent screen with in-wall front speakers. Toole's Sound Reproduction book suggests three to four inches thick of acoustic absorber ...
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What are the Ideal Dimensions for a Reasonably-Sized Studio?

What would be the ideal dimensions; acoustically and logically, to build a free-standing studio? Say you have a small mixing desk(~30''), two average-sized monitor speakers, a computer + screen (the ...
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What would be the best "egg-carton" acoustic treatment method?

We are working on treating one of our "studios" at school, which is used for video recordings. The reason behind this project is that it currently sounds like a bathroom. We have thus collected ...
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Tuning a house of worship by referencing through headphones

Actually I have many questions here. I'm quite new to live signs reinforcement and I have no formal training in it and I want to learn more so pardon me if anything sounds stupid. We've recently ...
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Harmless alternative to Fiberglass, Rockwool, ..., Bass absorbers!

I finally moved my Studio out of my Bedroom in to a designated Room. (I got the room for free so I won't use another room iven if the basic geometry is kinda bad) After playing around in the room (l: ...
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Room tone/atmosphere from the point of view of a shrunken person

Hi, New here and need some suggestions. I'm beginning work on an audio production in which the main character has been shrunken down to a centimeter or two in his house. What kind of room tone ...
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TV studio set reverbation treatment?

Hi all, I currently work on a TV project (sitcom), which is being shooted in big TV studio. They built some family house rooms there. But basically the studio is very big - 20m width, 60m length, 15m ...
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Looking into bass traps

I'm looking into getting some bass traps for my tiny apartment room. Has anyone heard of The Foam Factory company? They sell foam bass traps and my budget is pretty low. I was thinking about putting ...
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Opinions on Stand Mounted Baffles (and LDCs)?

So I'm in the market for an affordable LDC for some vocal design work at home. My first thought was Røde's NT2000. As it turns out, during the month of August Røde has a promotion wherein you buy a ...
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