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How does someone flying with windsuit sound like if he talks to the camera?

How does someone flying with windsuit sound like if he talks to the camera? Appreciate your help guys. Main track dry? Secondary track with reverb shifted? Mids only?
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Why does acoustic foam control reverb but not stop sound from leaving or entering a room?

Acoustic foam, e.g. made of polyether or polyester, with a thickness of 2–3 inch, is often used to control reverb and enhance acoustics. It works through absorption of sound, and the foam’s absorption ...
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What sound is best for measuring which frequencies a wall is reflecting?

I am recording in a very large room and getting sound reflections off the walls. So I was going to buy acoustic foam for the walls. Before I buy the foam, I wanted to measure the frequency response of ...
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What type of microphone is best for a medium space room mix?

I'm looking for a way to record a live dance class in a 25' x 20' space. I want the classroom ambience but also want the teacher's voice to be clear. I'll be using a PA system either in the back or ...
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How to reproduce the quality of a car sound system in a bedroom [closed]

I have a decent (but cheap) sound system in my room that I use whenever I'm working or just relaxing. I connect my iphone to a receiver (low end Sony ~ $200) with an aux cable and connect to the ...
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Sound source located in a room with opened door and listener is outside

This question has been bothering me for a while, so the situation is next: imagine that you have a person talking to you surrounded by four walls with an opened door and you are as a listener located ...
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Making dialog appear "distant"

I have some dialog that i want to match into the soundscape to be a background voice. (turning it into Walla basically) Since it has been recorded like a closeup VO i am wondering what tricks / ...
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Library/Big Marble staircase Room Tone

I'm looking for room tone recordings of a large library/old building with a marble/granite staircase, can anyone point me into the direction of any sample libraries?
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Narration voice

I'm working on an animated cartoon that has several voice over parts where one the characters are narrating. How do you make a voice sound like it's a narration, or voice over? In my references, the ...
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room-tone sound library help

I am looking for a sound library with different room tone recordings. If you can recommend some sites I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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Waves S360 R360 Room Emulation

I was looking for any posts on waves S360 and R360 used together for room emulation and couldn't find anything... I'm using them on a feature right now and I'm really thrown off by some of the design ...
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When do you record room tone on set?

I want to ask to see when people feel its an appropriate time to record room tone on set. I typically wait until the end of the day to get all of my room tone recordings, even if I have to run around ...
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Dialog through slightly opened door/ Reverb?

Hello everyone, I am working on the sounddesign for a movie and I am kind of stuck with a dialogue scene where two characters are talking through a slightly opened appartment door. In theory, as ...
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Neumann KM 183 Stereo Pair

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of using these for recording outdoor atmos and quiet room tones? I would like a pair of omnis to record open outdoor spaces and from what I understand ...
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Cardboard boxes for room echo reduction?

I have a large amount of not-broken-down cardboard boxes that I need to hang onto, and they are piled just outside the door of the small basement room I am trying to use as a (admittedly incredibly ...
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How to deal with a reverby room...

Hello, Basic question. Was sound engineering in a school hall/food mess and the acoustics were something horrible. Reflection city, which resulted in an extremely muffled (especially the low-end) and ...
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Room correction systems for home studios?

I'm curious as to whether systems like the attractively priced JBL MSC1 are useful in home studio situations. Although I don't do any serious mixing at home I do spend lots of time editing there, and ...
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How do audio engineers (physically) treat rooms for studios?

Here's my problem: I live in a small apartment downtown São Paulo - it's noisy as it can be. Loud traffic, people screaming and buses circulating day and night. This was never a problem - I usually ...
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What is difference between Room Tone and Ambient/Atmosphere Sound?

I am getting very confused between these two terms. Please can someone give me a clear explanation of the two, with some good examples?
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Absorbing Room - materials, their shapes, what's the difference?

Internet is really lacking information about acoustics in the room, absorbing materials, it's shapes and patterns.. how to glue them, why there are different shapes. I really would like to know how ...
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Dialogue editing a scene without dialogue

hello all the film im working on at the moment is a real 'show don't tell' sorta deal. my question is: in a scene without dialogue, would you still go through the dialogue editing process? ie ...
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How to make room tone more oppressive??

So hey everyone, I'm working on this short and the director wants a shitload of roomtone..I'm wondering how one could make roomtone more oppressive. Thanks.
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Setting up an editing suite

I am in the process of putting together a proposal for the institute where I work to build and redesign sound editing suites. We want to build 6 rooms to accommodate the computer, speakers and enough ...
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Recording cello and electronics in a big room

I'm working on a project with a Cellist, we mix classic Cello and live electronics+ processed field recordings (I leave the link to provide a hint on what is all about).
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Calibrating my room

I was wondering what would be the best way to calibrate my room in my new apartment to my Mackie MR5's. The room is relatively small (10x12?) about 10 foot ceilings and carpeted with one window. I don'...
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Getting rid of room sound on a voice recording?

Hi there, I'm currently doing a dialogue edit for a film, and there's a substantial amount of voice over. Knowing the studio where the recording was to take place well, I asked the recording ...
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