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How to check for audio plagiarism?

I have a scenario of a global organization that has workers across the world uploading digital audio content and we need to confirm that their contributions are not reworked from older contributions ...
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ProTools 10 Problem with Pencil Tool

Hello, I recieved an AAF-file (linked wave files) from an avid-system and started editing. When I zoom-in to the point where you usually can "paint" with the pencil tool, the cursor changes from the ...
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6 answers

How do you LICENSE your sound effects?

There was this thread awhile back, "How to Make money with sound design." I wanted to delve back into the issue if anyone cares to share their expertise or experiences. I would love to start a ...
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Figuring out if I'm "allowed" to record something

So I'm trying to follow the lead that many of you have shown (both here and on your own sites) and am trying to create small field recording projects for myself. One in particular that I've always ...
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What are the rights of a Re-Recording Mixer?

Dear All, I am right now working on mixing a documentary for broadcast TV. There are quite a few sound effects I'd like changed and/or reworked from scratch from my own personal taste because the ...
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