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Metallic reverb from ceiling, only in 1 room

I just moved into a new house and I'm having an extremely strange sound issue with one of the rooms. Everything within the room reverberates with a strong metallic sound that appears to originate from ...
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Connecing a stereo reverb pedal into two separate amplifier fx loops

I am using a dual chain Acus acoustic guitar preamplifier equipped with 2 separate FX loops for each channel. I would like to connect ...
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Hi vs Lo Freq Distance Correction on Close-Mic'd material

The only person I can find who has relevant information on corrective EQ for distance and depth placement in mixing is Beat Kaufmann. He suggests to attenuate high frequencies when intending to place ...
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How to make a reverb sound like this?

I am using FL Studio and I have tried reverbs and impulse responses, but I just can't seem to get a similar result. Many of the impulse responses sound too muffled or harsh. Is there any way to ...
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Mess up with Phoenix Reverb

I usually use Altiverb for dialogue premix, recently I bought Phoenix and R2 reverb due to their good reputation. However, I find them difficult to config. They have so many presets but none can ...
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Waves S360 R360 Room Emulation

I was looking for any posts on waves S360 and R360 used together for room emulation and couldn't find anything... I'm using them on a feature right now and I'm really thrown off by some of the design ...
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Convolution Reverb measurement request

As someone has already done a request thread I feel a little better asking my own. I'm working on a live action show and I've suddenly been given ADR for a character in a single episode (nothing wrong ...
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Sequencer's Reverb for Pro Tools

Just wondering if you guys know any reverb that does sequencing for Pro Tools. I'm looking something exactly like Logic's Space Design. Here's an interesting article:
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