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I want to make a pair of 2 ways loudspeakers reusing the drivers from two old identical 5.1 systems. Make it sense?

I have two identical 5.1 systems that doesn't work (I think the problem in both are the power supply, but I don´t care about that, I'm interesting on reusing the drivers, they are working fine). The ...
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Noticing iconic SFX used in other movies...

Couldn't help but notice that when I watched Looper last night, a very familiar sound was used that I instantly recognized from my childhood. It was when the hovering motorcycles stall or crash. I'm ...
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Reused Metal Groan in Video Games

I've been noticing this sound being used quite a bit mainly in video games, and I'm just curious if anyone knows where its from, it's obviously from a library. Doom 3 (@ 0:36): [youtube]quS52KtB8Kw[/...