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2 answers

How to remove robotic sound from fully isolated vocals?

I have some isolated audio of some dialogue, and there is a slightly robotic sound to the person speaking that I'm looking to get rid of, but no matter what I try I can't seem to get rid of it. Here's ...
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2 answers

Remove one voice from a video?

My close friends husband died last weekend. I came a across a video I took of him singing her favorite song but I'm singing pretty loudly also. Is it possible to remove my voice or at least make it ...
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1 answer

Sound noise reduction

I'm currently working on an engine record and I try to remove an "air" sound with Audacity. I've tried high pass filter and then noise reduction, here the original sample and the edited sample. But I ...
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Extracting common waveform from two clips

If one has an instrumental and non-instrumental version of a song, the vocals can be extracted by inverting the polarity of one of the sources, since the common audio cancels out. However, what if my ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Voice removal from a recording [duplicate]

I need an old steam pump sound, and the best I can find ( has occasional child-sounding voices in the background. I'm a bit of a noob to Audition;...
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1 answer

Software for vocal removal?

Is there any software which can take vocal out from tracks for recording purpose? I am aware with Audacity but it's not 100% First suggest me free one and than chargeable
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1 answer

Will these microphone background nosie solutions work?

I recently discovered that any microphone I plug in generates the same background noise. Some helpful users on Superuser pointed me towards buying a USB soundcard/Preamp to elminate this, and I've ...
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1 answer

Use Adobe Audition to Remove Vocals

I am entirely new to audio editing, and one of the things I am trying to do is remove vocals from a song. I have tried using the center channel extractor to do this, but it has not worked properly. ...
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4 answers

96 KHz EQ Plugin

I'm mastering some 96KHz material that has a nasty hum running around 32KHz, which mostly I can only hear when playing back at half speed or scrubbing. As a last step of the mastering process, I'm ...
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3 votes
7 answers

Removing background location music from documentary dialogue

Has anybody had experience of removing location music from documentary dialogue? A filmmaker has approached me to tackle an issue with broadcast rights on the music coming from a stereo in the ...
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4 answers

How do you remove rain noise?

So I have an entire mountain of dialogue that has rain noise all through it. There is also a good deal of clipping throughout the movie. Does anybody have a clue about how to remove the rain ...
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