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Sync projects with remote NAS

This question might not belong here, but it has to do with studio setup, and I'd like to know what other studios are doing for a syncing solution. I have a studio in town, which is about half an hour ...
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Using DAW with remote controller and stage piano together

I'm new to using external controllers with a DAW. I have Propellerhead Reason and I'm using a stage piano to play the instruments (connected to the MIDI input of my Scarlett 2i4). Now I'm thinking of ...
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Cable remote control for Olympus Audio Recorders possible?

How to switch an Olympus Audio Recorder on (and maybe off) with a cable remote control? I am using the Olympus LS-3/LS-7 audiorecorder. Its remote control port is a 2.5-mm-jack-plug, like most ...
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Anyone using Source-Connect?

I have had a couple of requests for remote monitoring and or remote recording here at the studio. I do not have ISDN or really much experience with that. I was curious is anyone has use Source-...
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Remote recording in studios?

Hi Recently my boss asked gave me an Innkeeper4 and asked me to figure out a way to setup remote audio monitoring for Disney producers sitting in their office and directing the voice artist and ...
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Remotely controlling a CD player

I need to get and install a remotely-controllable CD player to be used in a church. Part of the requirements for our setup is that we be able to view the track that is currently playing from the ...
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8 answers

Workflow for exchanging "temp mixes" remotely.

Curious.... I am about to start a project for a remote client (I'm in Minneapolis, they're in California). This, admittedly, is one of my first contracts that will have no "personal" contact. All ...
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Remote work, how do go about setting it up?

Hey all So all of my work to this point has been local projects. I was wondering how you all set up remote work. Where you are in one place and director/producers in another. One question is how ...
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Remote recording over the internet

I've been interested in this idea for a while and am curious if anyone out there has attempted it: Setting up a mic (or array of mics) in one location and being able to record the signal from another ...
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