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Questions tagged [recovery]

Messy WAVE header? Cat got at the DAT? Use this tag for questions related to practical medium/audio data recovery (from an engineer's perspective), e.g. Recover an MP3 from a specific recording device or interpreting raw/corrupt PCM data.

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Audacity crahed mid recording and now the exported audio recording is broken

I started to record the audio of a meeting to listen to it later via audacity, but right at the end of the meeting my laptop shut down because the battery was dead. I immediately started my laptop ...
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Repair unnatural sounding line

I received a voiceover in WAV from a studio, where the sound engineer may have done cut and paste to construct the last part of a sentence that the VO artist missed. The result has unnatural gaps and ...
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3 votes
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Can I recover an incomplete .wav file?

I've got a Behringer X32 mixer. I'm using it's built-in recording capability to write a .wav file to an USB drive. Today, I got an incomplete recording: the file on the USB drive shows up as 0 kb size....
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mp4 file has no sound

I recorded an mp4 file with 41mins, when i open it it shows the size and duration and plays through the file but doesn't have any sound. Does anyone know a way how to try and repair this or is this ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Can compressed music files be adequately recovered by remastering?

I have some rare old music files on my drive that are compressed to 128 kbps in the mp3 format. Some of them are of digital origin, and some of them are vinyl rips. Audio data compression affects ...
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AAC m4a file corrupted while recording. Can anyone help me recover it? [duplicate]

Recorded an important voice memo on iPhone application. After the recording was stopped, the phone's battery died and AAC file was corrupted. It is 8mb and should play for roughly 45 minutes but the ...
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22 votes
3 answers

How to recover audio from an incomplete or corrupted AAC/m4a file

I recorded an 85-minute AAC/m4a file using Notability on my iPad. This app has always worked well before but for some reason there was a problem this time. The relevant file shows up as having 21MB (...
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Data Recovery software for the SD 722

Hi, I am searching for links to getting the data recovery software for the SD722. The service providers here in South Africa are not being very helpful and since we are using the recorders at an ...
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Anyone with data recovery wizard skills?

Edit: Well here's a sneaky preview of one of the many jet/prop plane recordings I managed to save! ;) Just spent the whole day at an Air Show. Had a ...
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