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Ableton-like Warping in a VST?

I use FL Studio, and the one thing I miss is Ableton's Warping feature. I've looked at Newtone, but I don't really find it suitable for what I want to do, which is take full tracks that were recorded ...
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Famous songs recorded and edited with Audacity?

What famous songs (classical or any other genera) have been recorded and edited with Audacity? In other words: Do professional sound engineers use Audacity for production releases?
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Best specs for Sound bites (Media Release)

We are preparing a bunch of short sound bites to accompany a media release. Wondering what specs are recommended for the audio recordings submitted to news/media outlets?
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Best recordings of 2013

Its that time again. Let's post our favorite recordings from 2013. My first contribution is of my newborn baby boy - Caruso. He's pretty awesome.
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Vietnamese Children recordings

I've been commissioned to work on a soundscape to accompany a art installation/theatre performance to celebrate 150 years of the Red Cross. I've been asked to recreate the sonic ambience of a refugee ...
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DPA Recording Techniques

So Ive bought a pair of DPA 4061s. One of my main reason for getting these was discreet field recording. I’ve heard about people putting them in hats, or on ear phone holders allowing them to do ...
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Ropey old recordings of radio broadcasts about the Vietnam war?

Hey everyone, I've searched YouTube etc but was wondering if there's some kind of old historical database where old radio reports would be stored? The quality really doesn't matter - in fact the ...
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How do you deal with off axis mic sounds?

I'm working on a feature film production and trying to figure out how to deal with off axis mic recordings. Any help?
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