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Are there any weighted keyboards with 61 or less keys?

I need a keyboard that I can play live that is smaller than a full piano, but has weighted keys. I currently have Korg Krome 61 key, but I really only use the piano sounds and wish I had weighted keys....
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Program for mixing multiple inputs and outputting to single stream

Is there some software that I can use that cane take multiple audio inputs, say from a mic, and two virtual audio cables, mix them so I can change volumes and gain and all that, and then output to ...
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Robert Altman, how to capture sound like in his movies?

I'm sound designing a movie and in conversations with the director, Robert Altman emerged. I know that Altman was a director that was revolutionary in terms of sound. He was one of the first ...
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Mechanism to always have a specified decibel level output

I'm a novice in this and planning to build a small inexpensive audio interface for myself. It will have: 1. One AUX input, that can be connected with a 3.5 mm jack. 2. One output, that can be ...
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How to Record Snowmobile Audio (Equipment and Methods)

The company that I work for wants me to be able to record as close to true to life audio of our snowmobiles as we can for as low budget that I can manage (low budget meaning under $200 for the audio ...
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Using Yamaha YPT-255 Keyboard for Sounddesign

I recently got a Yahamaha YPT-255 Keyboard. Now I would like to connect it to my PC in order to record sounds/songs, as well as load sounds I created back to the keyboard. I noticed that it does not ...
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