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Best entry-level portable recorder [closed]

I'm an absolute newbie. I'd like to buy a portable recorder but I don't know which is the best. I read about Zoom H2, Zoom H4n and Tascam DR-07 but there are also a lot of other models... Any ...
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Can you suggest a good contact mic for sound design? (average cost of proposal would be much appreciated)

I would like to try some ideas for some really wierd sounds and I think a good contact mic would give me better results at that! Also I would like to ask if you think its a good idea to plug this ...
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5 votes
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Which DAW do you use? [closed]

I'm just wondering, which DAW or software is the best and cheapest for designing sound. I'm working in a studio, and we use Steinberg Nuendo on a PC. It's quite good and comfortable software. You can ...
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What sound design books have influenced you the most?

There are so many great books on sound design. I'm interested in hearing about a book that has been your faithful companion. You can pick one per discipline you're involved in. My selection is: ...
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Small budget solution for portable recording

Before I start I have to admit: I am far, far away from being a pro - in fact, I am not even making sounds/music for a living. It´s what I love to do in my leisure time and that´s why my budget is a ...
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What is your software secret weapon?

Not so secret if you share! And how do you use it? -=- I LOVE Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch. I used to run it in my Windows XP days, but when I switched to an Intel Mac, there wasn't a working ...
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11 answers

My first field mic. [closed]

I'm in the market for a quality shotgun mic for field recording, foley, ADR, etc.... Budget: less than $1,200. I really like the Sennheiser MKH 416, but haven't had a chance to try many others. I ...
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9 answers

Suggestions for a tensioned rope effect?

Hello! First time poster but (relatively) long time reader here. I am working on a kung fu short film and am currently stumped concerning a particular sound effect. Any suggestions would be so, so ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Mics for metal (screaming vocals)

I was just wondering, if you record a metal band with a vocalist who screams, which microphones do you find to be the cleanest and most applicable?
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Hearing protection during editing/mixing sessions

Ciao How do you protect our most valuable property: our ears? Especially, what's your behavior during editing/mixing sessions? I'll try to take a brake every our or so, even only for a few minutes, ...
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Sound design courses and full education programs.

I live in a not very progressive country, especially with regards to specialisms like sound design. It is in north-eastern europe. And after researching the web I can not find out if there is a place ...
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7 answers

Nice SFX recording mics that are cheap enough that you wouldn't be too upset if they were blown apart in a freak recording accident?

My first question to this group. Maybe a gear question is kind of a lame start, but here goes. I've been field recording for quite some time and have acquired over the years some Neumanns, DPAs, ...
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Pro Tools vs Logic...

Hi all, I am looking for a little bit of advice on DAWs. I am Mac-based and have exclusively used Logic Studio for my work which, so far, I have found to be sufficient. But I am beginning to wonder ...
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Low-budget field recorder with good pre-amp

I'm working on a couple of mod projects and I sorely need some kind of a field recorder to get a lot of the sounds I need. I've read a lot about the Zoom H2 and H4, and I'm leaning towards the H2 due ...
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Recommendations for affordable compact field recording headphones

I was reading a question asked by Chris Nannny about the amount of difference you get with good headphones and its got me into thinking of getting some new ones. At the moment I own the same ones ...
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