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Doing a Reality Show

Hi there. I need to do a reality show where there will be about 25 contestants and a presenter. Question is do I mic them all with lapels or boom? It will be alot of people moving around too. If I ...
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live performances

It's me again :D. I have shot the pilot for the reality TV show. It has two main parts the first one is shot in studio (not really too much of a problem), the other part is documentary style. This ...
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Moving worlds within audio post

I work in the world of TV programming with reality, documentary & docudrama series work, lots of promos, some theatrical trailer work, and some independent film work. My current gig is as an in-...
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Location Audio for "Man vs. Wild" - Methods/How?

I'm pretty impressed everytime I watch Man vs. Wild because of the quality of the location audio. I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of gear they use? Ideas? Considering the exotic-ness of the ...
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Reality show Location recording

Hey Im about to start with the sound for a reality show in a few months. There are 12 contestants one location, a house, and sometimes other locations like a gym or shopping centre. Im one person in ...
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Sound for reality show

Just like to say, this is quickly becoming my favorite site. I know this is more of a Q and A for post-production, but I've seen many people have production sound experience too. Not to mention ...
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