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Pro Tools 9 Help : Film Sound

Hi! First time here! Have a noob question here, So I added some fx, ADR, and atmos/ambience to my friend's film in pro tools 9. (He gave me a .AAF export from AVID 6 after adding most of the sync ...
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keeping audio in sync when they want to make more video edits

I just finished my first 22 minute webisode the director and producer are both happy with the sound design but want to tighten up some of the video edits. I don't know what to do in this situation ...
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Sound Designing without picture lock?

I'm currently working on a project that has a bunch of VFX, which are coming in slowly. In addition, it has to be shown to a few investors every few weeks to show off the progress we are making. FOr ...
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Edit Changes for a Feature-Length

Hey guys, so this is my first question on here ever. I was curious what some people's workflows are for dealing with an changing cut on a movie when you have already nearly completed the sound track. ...
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Reconforming workflow

Hello hello, I know there are a few related threads about re-conforming to new picture cuts on the board but they've only really been nibbled at, and I'm keen to hear about people's re-conforming ...
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Decreasing the pace of footsteps once they've been added (in Pro Tools)

Working on a project where there are quite a few off screen footsteps (2 pairs of feet) going on which I've painstakingly cut into Pro Tools. The director would now like them paced a bit slower and ...
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