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What is a reasonable rate for sound logo design?

I've been asked to provide the sound to the logo of a pretty big company. When I say "sound logo" I mean an Intel kinda thing. They are asking for a global license, so the logo will go into TV ads, ...
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Regular collaboration with a post studio: how much should I charge and how? UK rates

I will be soon starting to collaborate on a regular basis with a post studio based in another country. The job is clear: I will be mostly working on Foley, Dialogue and Backgrounds on 10 episodes for ...
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how much should I charge for recording and editing 800 lines of text?

Client is a corporation in Europe. The project is an instructional/safety video. I pretty much got all equipment needed, an actor willing to read and a studio. Just need to set a good price for the ...
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Urgent Question about rates in the UK

Hey Friends of Sound in Great Britain. I've picked up a job from London based animation studio doing a 5 minute film and I've budgeted 5 days for recording, editing, tracklay, revisions and mix. The ...
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Indie Feature Production and Post Production Audio Budgets

If you were asked to work post audio on a film, one man band style, and you knew the budget was $150,000, what would you think a fair price would be? This is just for your services. No dolby stuff ...
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