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3 answers

Which bit rate for location sound recording?

Hey all I am doing a bit of freelance location sound recording for TV/Film, I know it is delivered in 48k/24bit but I usually record sound effects/Foley at 96k/24bit so I wondered which I should be ...
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7 votes
4 answers

impact of democratization of technology on audio companies/freelancers

Times are always "a-changing" but we are in the middle (or tail end) of big change with respect to digital/technology service-oriented companies. I know from personal experience that this is a hot ...
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4 answers

Sync problem via the HW in Protools 9LE

Hi, A problem has arisen in a couple of our MAC's where the bounced stereo mix is out of sync once it has been inserted into FCP. The mix starts in sync but around halfway it goes out of sync by ...
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48k project to 44k project

We imported some music into a 48khz pro tools project to record some vocals, the music file was at 44khz and we didn't SRC convert it to 48khz, therefore the music was slower than the original. The ...
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Bringing High Sample Rate recordings into 48k Project

I've been recording some sounds while up here in New York on vacation. I recorded them at 192k with the intention of dropping them into a 48k project. I just tried to do it with a recording I did ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Rate of Pay for Services

Hi All: This is a great forum - I have learned so much, in the short time I have been a member. I am getting requests to do Sound Design work and people are asking me how much I charge. As a Novice ...
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1 vote
7 answers

what is the normal sample rate and sample size for post production?

what is the normal sample rate and sample size for post production? is there any diffrence in sample size and sample rate of tv movies and theaters?
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3 votes
3 answers

How do I charge for sound design?

Hey All, We've had variations of this question before, but here goes: Let's say I've been hired to do the sound design for a company ident 20 secs long. The job requires a bit of composition, sound ...
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Usual half day rate?

I see gear rental places charge 75% of the day rate for half a day. And at restaurants, half a pasta dish is also around 75%. How about post-production or location recording? For some reason, I have ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Timecode Standards

Ok, so, there are a million different format, framerate, bit depth, sample rate, etc combinations out there, especially now that you have DSLRs shooting video, prosumer cameras that shoot in "24P" (...
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