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For public lectures, what hidden mic setup needs to be used?

In "the old days" lecturers would obviously speak, sometimes to large crowds, without the advantage of modern sound systems - to wit, no microphone. So this would obviously be still possible today (I ...
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2 answers

Using radio mics with SQN mixer

I have a few questions regarding the usage of radio mics and their input level into an SQN mixer; Does the radio transmitter/receiver for the mic transmit/receive "mic level" or "line level" audio, ...
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2 answers

Radio Mic Comparisons....

Hi all!! For all those production sound mixers/recorders out there, I'm just after some general input/tips into radio mic selection and techniques? From my experience, most sound mixers I've come ...
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Radio Mics Usable in Israel?

I have a client who is about filming part of a documentaru in Israel and is looking to purchase 2 radio mics for the shoot. They will be purchased in Germany. It looks as though Sennheiser may not be ...
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3 answers

Help with wireless mic setup

There have been a couple of discussions about this but none have really covered Micron or Audio LTD which are two systems I am looking at. I need to invest in a decent wireless setup and have two or ...
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Anyone knows what kind of clip mic cover this is?

I am watching "Hommes à louer " ( ), a documentary about male prostitution in Canada and it's made me wonder (on the sound/technical side) about this clip ...
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9 answers

Etiquette when Micing High Profile People

Hi, I have been working on a few documentaries/interviews over the past few months. More recently, I have been working on a few Ob-Doc TV shows where having to hide Radio Mics on people has been ...
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1 answer

Lectrosonics LMa's vs Sennheiser EW100's

I have two Sennheiser EW100 (G1's I think) radio mic kits, but they only put out 10mW and I often have issues with dropouts. Now I am looking at purchasing the Lectrosonics LMa series of transmitters ...
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