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Why do reversed sounds makes us feel scared?

So often used in trailers and horror movies, sounds played in reverse seem to have a heightened effect on viewers… Any insights into this phenomenon, and are there any specific examples you can site? ...
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Sound Psychology an explanation

I am trying to work on covering sound design the same way I would approach anything visual. With Visual Design there is a vast amount of things to go into, such as Color Psychology With Sound ...
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"Jumpy" horror film sounds/score

Morning, My girlfriend and I finished watching the horror film Mama the other day. Obviously, one of the key devices used to make the viewer 'scared' is via the use of sound and score to make us '...
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How do you cope with disgusting horror passages?

Does it make it easier to stand the horror in a movie when you're part of its making process? I'm not quite sure how this sounds, but I particularly hate horror movies in the sense that I can't stand ...
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