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foley prop needed: a stack of cash

need a prop for the handling of cash about yeah big: Since, you know, I don't have a stack of cash that size on me. on screen this cash is pulled out of a counting machine, patted flat and placed on ...
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Extend pen drawing sound from 1s to 2.5s

On SoundDogs, I found the sound of a marker drawing on paper for ca. one second: Hi Liter Marker- Draw Line, Long; Pens & Pencils The problem however is that I need the sound of a marker (or ...
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Favourite Foley Props

What are your favourite foley props? The items that make the coolest sounds, or are just essential to get the sound right? Tripods for zimmer frames, fish slices for sword schwings - what prop do you ...
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Props and potential uses

This thread could be a collection of props and associated ideas for when: you have props you don't know what to do with you need a sound you don't know how to prop up (is that even a term?) Ideally, ...