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How does a cardboard paper towel roll amplify the sound?

My daughter and I did a project and made this: We hypothesized that the sound was "amplified" because it directed ...
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Recording multiple songs that share channel settings and characteristics

I'm planning to record a few songs using Cubase 7.5 Artist. The arrangement for those is typically "rock", so several guitars, bass, synthies, and drums. All of the songs are a little different. For ...
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Can you tell what's going on in this clip? Is it obvious?

I was given an assignment by a prospective employer to test my sound design skills. They gave me a short, 2-paragraph description of a scene and then gave me three days to create the scene with sound. ...
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As part of the Europa Cinemas event that took place here in Paris this weekend, I watched a really interesting talk by David Orlic, Creative Director and Co Founder of Volontaire. The discussion was ...
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Foley project advice

Hey guys I have a class foley project coming up soon and I would like to know how to recreate/record the sound of: sneakers "squeaking" on the floor and glass breaking (like a window) here are the ...
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Planning your projects?

Do you use a specific program to plan your projects? We use project planning software. We use it to both plan specific projects and booking our studios. It's by no means the perfect tool but it works ...
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What was the job you were most proud of doing in 2011?

What project did you complete in 2011 that you were most proud of and really did a smoking job on?
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Film/Animation content needed for Hons Project in Sound Design..

Hi all I know there are a few previous questions along these lines...but I was wondering if anyone could help / offer advice re suitable content.. I'm in my final year of Music Tech degree and ...
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Hello, want to hear some critique of my latest work.

This is a student short i recorded sound for and now got to do the sound post. What do you guys think? password is socialsounddesign
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Looking some help/advice for my Honours Project [Sound replacement with film]

Morning folks! I've just began my final year of university, doing Digital Media with a specialisation in Sound Design and its time to do my honours project and dissertation. The general gist is that ...
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Feedback for an honours project on sound design

Hi there I am finishing my dissertation for an Honours project on sound design. I have been a member of this forum for a while now, and my project requires that a sound designer evaluates my work, in ...
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What are some notable games for sound design that push the limits?

Which games are pushing the limits of sound psychology right now? When will audio catch up with the 3d trend and what will that be?
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Feedback on my sound design.

Hi everyone. I am hoping for some feedback on a work that I am in the last stage of completing. It is a sound replacement clip from Star Trek, the Future Begins. I am interested in opinions and ...
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Research/Investigation into fields of sound design

Hey guys, I have the opportunity to do a project in my final year of my Music Technology course focusing on whatever I like. Given that I'm pursuing a career in sound design (never have guessed huh), ...
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When you start a project?

When you start a project, what is your intial workflow? Do you reach for inspiration first? Do you create a sound pallet? Do you have a specific analysis formula that you follow? Do you spot music ...
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