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Panning issues with theSaffire pro 56 and PT 10

I cannot hear the panning in any of my sessions. I am running a Mac Pro, 16 gigs of ram, Saffire Pro 56, and Pt 10. When I test in pro tools, I can see the tracks that i pan hard left and right are ...
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Pro tools 10 crossfade shortcut

When I use this shortcut - Ctrl+Start+F (uses last selected fade shape) it actually always does the normal crossfade instead of the last used crossfade (the one with steep curves). Is that a bug or is ...
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How to join two sound interfaces?

I'm using protools 10 hd in 2diffrent systems with two different audio interfaces. Is there way which I can have my two systems synced?can I join my interfaces in order to get the same time code?
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Upgrading to PT 10 or stay on PT 9

Hi there, I am in a bit of a conundrum. I teach at a film school where we are currently working on PT 9 with 2 MAC's on PT10. I do have the opportunity to upgrade to PT 11 but with all the negative ...
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I have pro tool 10

I have no sound card, is it possible for proper installation without sound card, for Windows 7? thanks Nitin
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Sync Problems when transferring a PT10 session to a PT9 session

Hello All, An issue came up recently where a PT10 project was saved as a PT9 project so that we could work on a system that only had PT9 on it. The issue was that some of the clips were out of sync ...
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Pro Tools 10:Region Gain

I encountered an error this week after spending a week on a feature film dialogue edit where I was charged with leveling the audio using region gain within my dialogue edit. The mixer is not working ...
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Pro Tools 10 OMF Export

I can't research much on this topic as I'm in an extreme hurry to meet a deadline : How can I export an OMF in Pro Tools 10 with my Track Names? As it stands, if you import an OMF that I exported, ...
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PT10 - less tracks ? Still single display?

I purchased PT9 about 8 months ago, but never really get started to use it... yeah, not a wise expense... To get workflow going, I just sticked with Sonar X1 and waited for a 'downtime' that never ...
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