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Why are microphones so expensive?

I bought a pair of RØDE NT5 for about 350 EUR, while Shure's KSM 141 is about 750 EUR. The latter has more features and for instance lower noise level. Still these are not exactly the latest ...
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Price for Music (commercial videos for web or TV)

I know it's always a very subjective question, but I'm trying to find a fair and objective criteria to evaluate how much I should charge for music for video and web/TV Commercials. Should I apply ...
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Sound design comission or fixed price.

How many percent can ask for a game or film sound design ? Alternatively, an hourly rate or sound/piece. What do you think?
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Similar software known as Audioease Speakerphone ?

Hi ! Similar software known as Audioease Speakerphone ? Thinking of something cheaper. Perhaps some alternative? Thanks
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Monitor Subwoofer suggestions (economic)

Hey Im l@@kin to invest some money in reference monitors and a sub. Can anybody drop some suggestions for me? My price range is limited to about 600 american dollars and I have a discount ...
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