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Premiere Pro ducks audio when nobody asked it to

I'm experiencing this weird thing with Premiere Pro. I have a track with background music, and a track with sound effects. If the sound effect track volume is higher than the volume of the background ...
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Audio editing program that acts like Premiere Pro

For simple audio editing, right now I use Premiere Pro. I know it's weird; using a video editor for audio editing, but it's the easiest for me right now... So what I mainly like about cutting in ...
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How to remove background noise in video being edited in Premiere?

I'm pretty new to video editing and we recently filmed in a slightly crowded area. Any tips on how to minimize the background noise without affecting much the conversation of my main characters? BTW, ...
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Sound sync problem

I have a bizarre sound synchronization problem which I am really puzzled with. I recently recorded an interview with the video camera capturing the sound of the interviewed and an external sound ...
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Compose music in Reason, synced up to a project in Premiere

I have a movie in Premiere which I want to give a soundtrack. For this, I would like Reason to sync up with Premiere, so that I for example can put that epic etnodrum solo at the exact right time, or ...
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