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How can I combine two sound sources in one sound device

I am using the following setup to play guitar on a budget. I want to use my PC amp simulation software, for my practice, not just recording. Connect my guitar to my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlet ...
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Looking for feedback on my first project [closed]

don't know if this is the right place to post but here it goes; I've been working on a project where I took an animated short film, and replaced all of its original sound with my own sounds, foley ...
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Teaching dexterity in Pro Tools

If you were teaching someone how to use Pro Tools who is brand new to the program, what are some drills or tasks you would have them do to teach them how to be dextrous around the program? I'm pretty ...
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Training material for sound effects editing / foley

Does anybody know of free training material for sound effects and foley? What I'm thinking of is a movie clip in a proper format for editing, with a separate music track and vocal track provided as ...
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free soundless clips

Hi im a recent graduate with a certificate in Audio Engineering. The school i attended was mainly studio music recording. However it touched on sound design and opened a whole new world to me. Does ...
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"Re-watching" movies through audio rips

Just a warning, I'll probably be referencing the Sound of Star Wars a lot in the next little bit. In the introduction, by Ben Burtt, he talks about how he would record the sounds of movies -- and ...
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How do I practice Sound Design?

I'm relatively new to sound design and audio for film but am extremely interested. Lately I've been downloading commercials, video game trailers and movie trailers and just trying to recreate the ...
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Good visual source material to practice sound design on?

Hello. I'm curious to where I can find good visual source material to practice sound design on and maybe get a sound reel out of it to show off later? Currently I have composed music to an image. I'...
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