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How do you keep a tracklay session tidy?

I recently went to an open door event at a local post production house. They showed us their workflow and how they get things done quickly. They showed us their tracklay session. All the ambiences, ...
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Can I use a trackball in substitution of a fader to write automation on Pro Tools?

I know I could click on the digital fader of the track in the mix window and write automation that way, but I recently found an app called "AudioSwift" that turns your Trackpad into a multitool "Fader,...
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Anyone have any luck fixing/attenuating wireless hits?

Hey Guys, A buddy of mine recently came to me with a seminar vid that contains some pretty nasty RF hits. Unfortunately the only sources are the lav on the speaker and the onboard camera audio (which ...
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Any reviews on IRCAM SPAT plugin?

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anybody has used the IRCAM SPAT plugin. I saw a demo of it at AES this year and it seemed pretty nice.
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Saturators similar to URS Saturator (without ilok requirement)

Disappointed in the need for ilok with URS software, the saturator is what i'm after, multiple models/algorithms, a saturation amount knob as well as in/out gain control. I'm looking for a saturator ...
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