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Corrupted / duplicated audio from a Tascam DR-60DMKII

I have a really strange problem with an audio recording from my Tascam DR-60DMKII linear PCM audio recorder. I recorded about 40 minutes of audio using DUAL ST mode, where two audio streams are ...
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How to encode custom multitrack surround WAV in LogicPro9 or Reaper?

Hi! How to encode 8 mono tracks into one 8-channeled WAV mix (poly wav?) Actually, there are no surround system in the customers project, just 8 speakers, placed linearly. And I need to mix two ...
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Using Poly Wav files in Logic Studio 9

So I just mirrored 9 gigs of poly wav files (6 - 8 channel BWFs) from my Deva in 192k. I'm not running PTHD at home, so I can't run PT in 192k at home. I can run Logic at home at 192k, but for some ...
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