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Adverse effects on soundfields from plug-in processing

I've heard tales of plug-ins and effects processes doing bad things to the spatial perception of a soundfield. Of course, most of those tales come out of the music industry, where a mastering engineer ...
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Can new drummers be downloaded into Logic Pro?

I was wondering if there are other drummers that can be downloaded or created by users. Interested in Latin rhythms like bossa, samba, huapango, etc. maybe even a 3rd party plug in or something
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Question on the music production of Atreides Anthem

The soundtrack [1] presents a sort of a anthem. Concerning the music production of [1]: there is a moment in this music that is really something; very powerful, yet gentle. This moment starts at 6:54 ...
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What effects are used to match this specific sample?

I want to recreate a sample used in the song "Promise Ring" by Death's Dynamic Shroud. The original sample used in the Promise Ring song is called "Soon as I get home", taken from ...
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How does one achieve the Big Mello effect?

Big Mello used to apply an interesting effect to his vocals, for example in Charge It 2 Da Game and No Hidin Place. It sounds to me as if a very short sample is looped for a bit, to create the ...
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Logic Pro X: arpeggiator active only with multiple active notes

A number of synthesizers I've owned or used (such as the Elektron SIDstation) have a built-in arpeggiator which has a mode where it will only be active if more than one note is being played - for ...
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Ableton Live and Reaktor snapshots overwrite

So I built my custom synth with Reaktor. Being used to produce several drum sounds, I have usually different instances of it on different Ableton Live tracks. The problem is snapshot saving. ...
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Ambiophonic plugins

Does anybody know of any ambiophonic plugins for PT9? I'm thinking about toying around with some stuff while I'm in school and have the resources. Advice? Thanks! Kris
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Chip32 AU plugin not recognized by Live

Mac audio question... So I downloaded what is supposedly a superbadass 8-bit synth: Chip32 But Live ain't havin' it. I'm pretty sure I installed it in the right place: Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/...
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Nuendo Pitch Shift Plug-ins

(Looking for a non-factory based graphical pitch shifter) So it seems like Nuendo has a specific plug-in type that just does not exist for the DAW Amazing pitch shifting plug-ins like pitch-n-time ...
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