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Best way to control audio in dual (same LAN) locations from one spot.

Currently we have one office that I run music through in this order Pandora-->PC-->amp-->speakers. Pretty simple. However, We've added a separate building 300' away that shares the same LAN. I'm ...
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Audio pre-production

I'm going to be doing sound for a couple of films soon and I'll be following both productions through from pre-production to the finished products. I want to make a good start with these, because all ...
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2 answers

Planning your projects?

Do you use a specific program to plan your projects? We use project planning software. We use it to both plan specific projects and booking our studios. It's by no means the perfect tool but it works ...
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Gigantic Foley/EFX sessions.

Hi team, A question for all you foley/location/EFX recordists out there... I recently spent an hour or two with a few balloons in my quiet room. Yes, microphones were involved... I recorded the ...
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Smaaashing a TeeeVeee :)

My parents' big TV just broke :) When you switch it on, it switches itself off with a nice little "pfew" (kind of a "let me rest a little longer" kinda thing). I wanted to record it but it started to ...
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Planning process - What's your workflow?

Hey guys, So I'm starting work on some audio reskins of game trailers, both for practice and to create some content for my resume. I was wondering how you guys go about planning what you're going to ...
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Tips on Recording Gunshots

I'm headed down to Pennsylvania to help on a shoot this weekend, and I'm really excited because I'll be recording gunfire courtesy of a local Civil War reenactment group. I've never tried recording ...
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What's your approach to being creative?

When you watch a film with temp editorial sound or read a script or look at the artwork/pre build material of an upcoming job, how do you make audio based decisions? Do you have a structure or flow ...
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