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1 vote
7 answers

Best Plane Crash scene in terms of Sound Design?

I'm trying to create a first person soundscape and one part is a plane crashing in the water whilst on board. I'd like to get your opinions on which plane crash scenes in TV, Film or Games are the ...
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1 vote
5 answers

Tinnitus after plane flights

Hey everyone, This weekend I went to Florida for a gig and getting off the flight I think I experienced a bit of ear fatigue and tinnitus (I really hope it wasn't tinnitus) where I went and relaxed ...
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3 answers

Recording an ultralight plane in flight

Hi. I have the opportunity to record and ultralight plane in flight. I have a Sanken css 5, but i d like to know what do you think about wind protection. The wind up there ill be really strong, so is ...
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