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Powered Amp placement in a smaller church setting

I am helping to replace an audio system in a small church setting. The building is rectangular 40' wide and 65' - 70' long. Currently the powered amp is located in the sound booth at the back of the ...
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Sound for scenes where there is product placement

Hi, This might a question out of left field but I am looking for examples of interesting sound design for scenes where product placement exists. I have looked into the theory of subliminal messaging ...
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Running a pair of DPA 4060s in a Handheld Configuration

I just got the DPA SMK4060 Stereo Kit. As many of you know, these are terrific and lovely mics. I love the detail I've been able to pull from them. I have a question about using these in a handheld ...
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Lav mic mounting tips

Hello, In the film I am working on there is quite a bit of cloth scratch I am getting on the lav mics used by the boom op. After watching The King's Speech and the interview from the production ...
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