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Are there any weighted keyboards with 61 or less keys?

I need a keyboard that I can play live that is smaller than a full piano, but has weighted keys. I currently have Korg Krome 61 key, but I really only use the piano sounds and wish I had weighted keys....
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Good piano patch for Nord Modular?

Do you know a good piano patch for the Nord Modular? Not grand piano, but for dance song. A piano sound I like is the piano from the song Someday by Ce Ce Rogers for a reference.
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Application to stream the microphone

I am looking an application for a piano teacher. He has to give piano lessons to one student at a time. Currently he does video lessons using the Zoom application, but the Zoom application transmits ...
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Steinway Piano Fuzziness/Distortion and "Click sound"

So I am a beginner when it comes to sound producing and mixing in DAW's and that inexperience is hindering my compositions. I've created a piano song, using only the Steinway piano with 2 layers. ...
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Where can I find piano samples (mono not stereo)

I just can't find this anywhere on the Internet! Google is drawing a blank! I'm looking for a set of 88 piano notes, preferably in .WAV. But MONO! I found:
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Why does the piano sound of my keyboard sound so "odd" through my audio interface?

I use a Yamaha psr-s670 and a focusrite 2i2 interface for production. When I choose a sound like Strings or Sax, the audio sounds clean and rich in the DAW, but when it comes to the Grand Piano it ...
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