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Synthesizer models for (rapidly) re-excited strings like guitar?

In piano a sting is typically dampened (safe for pedal use) from one note to another that sound banks with a large number of individual recordings are used in commercial quality piano synths. I do ...
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power density and dBm

In an article, I see that it says the spectral level (in Watts/Hz) of a pulse with pulse repetition frequency f (in Hzz) and pulse duration t (in seconds) and pulse peak power P (in Watts) is given as ...
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Does sound lose quality if sped up and then slowed down back to normal speed?

I am trying to research and find whether audio quality degrades if sped up and then slowed back down to it's normal speed, on the one hand its shortening the track so there is bound to be a loss of ...
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Approximating SPL from dBFS?

I am attempting to try to find a relative measure of SPL using a value of dBFS. Stats from the audio data are derived from SoX using mean/max amplitude values from -n stat I know there is no direct ...
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Question about audio interfaces

Why external audio interfaces are better than the onboard sound boards? e.g. The sound recorded from a guitar is better if we plug on an external audio interface (like behinger U-phoria) than onboard ...
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does obstacles in front of sound work bidirectional?

If sound S played in point A reaches point B with volume V, after turning it off in point A and turning the same sound S in point B on, does it reach point A with the same volume V regardless of what ...
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How to design squeak and creak sounds of metal objects?

Are there valid guidelines to design squeak and creak sounds produced by metal objects? Here are some examples: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
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Is there a relationship between sound absorption and distance from the source to the barrier?

I am conducting an experiment in physics where i move a styrofoam sheet away from a source of sound. The sound emitted is a 440hz acoustic frequency continuous. Has anyone observed any relationship ...
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Need help to understand the basic components of sound

I'm a software developer and I am trying to understand sound a bit better for a project I want to start working on. Sorry if this is a bad place for this, if needed I can delete and repost elsewhere. ...
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What frequencies does the master volume increase?

If standard eq knobs on a stereo boost or cut the amplitude of specific frequencies does the volume knob adjust the amplitude of all possible frequencies? Is there a range of frequencies different ...
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standing waves in strings

this is for my acoustics and sound lab and I am lost. please help! The length of the smallest string on a piano is about .15 m long and has a frequency of 4186 Hz. The lowest note on a piano has a ...
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What is the effect of increasing frequency on the sound wave?

If I keep the amplitude constant and up the frequency of the sound wave, what effect does just the frequency have on the quality of the sound with regard to human hearing? Does the sound become ...
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Formula for the sound pressure of a pure tone

What is the formula for the sound pressure of a pure tone of 500Hz, ex-pressed as a function of time?
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What's the science behind acoustic dispersion?

So acoustic dispersion is the phenomenon responsible for the classic Star Wars laser sound. An answer in this thread recently also linked to some great recordings of ice sheets which exhibit the same ...
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I want to understand the science of sound.

I'm interested in digging deep into the science of sound and I was wondering if there are any must-read resources that anyone could point me to. I understand that this is a broad topic, so I am ...
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What would sound sound like at the speed of sound?

Crazy title. This is out of interest sakes, and maybe a stupid question: Theoretically, if one where to travel at the speed of sound with no air/wind (not a vacuum as there would be no sound) what ...
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