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Can a pc output sound that can be received by a phones microphone input?

I'm trying to connect my phone to my pc so that I can input and output sound to it. I have a 3.5mm jack splitter with headphone and mic connections. Then I have the headphone port connected to the mic ...
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Emulate phone speaker

Basically I'm looking for the reverse of this question - I have voice recordings coming from a phone and I can immediately see from the spectrum that only frequencies up to 3khz have been preserved. ...
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Record two-way audio from phone with laptop

I'm trying to connect a phone to a laptop and record two-way the audio. For now I'm using Windows with my own software, and using VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device to forward some audio channels. With my ...
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Why does a dedicated audio card produce better sound than phones, portable players and builtin PC audio codecs?

I've been listening to music for a long time using the cheapest headphones of any type, on all devices until ~2010 when I noticed that on PC the music has more of a stereo feel to it than on tiny mp3 ...
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Need to do a live interview in a noisy place

I'm a journalism student and for my next assignement I need to do a broadcast live from a noisy place (a sports bar in the middle of a soccer match) to my partner on the station. I have a mic, jacked ...
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Converting phone audio to save space - what's best?

Short version: What are the best settings to convert low-audio-quality WAV files into MP3 to save space? I plan on using ffmpeg. Hi, first time caller, long time listener, I have 22 GB of about 340 ...
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Premium-rate telephone numbers that produce a familiar sounding melody when typed in

Some people got really creative and used the dialer to play melodies. Popular is the song Happy Birthday, which is showed in this video. This is another awesome example. Companies often want a ...
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Restoring an Overmodulated Analog Phone Recording

Analogue phone lines are limited in bandwidth therefore also somewhat iimited in possible adjustments. While such recordings can not and are not meant to be presented in full fidelity, there are ...
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2 answers

Convincing Telephone Effect

I know this is probably been said, and I know there is a preset on the effects panel in Adobe Audition. Though using a preset feels like cheating and samples will sound the same. I want to know is ...
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Speech separation of individuals from a phone recording

I have a phone recording of a conversation between 2 folks. I want to generate 2 separate recording each having one's conversation part in it. Is there a tool that can detect the 2 voices separates ...
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What causes the interference on this phone's 3.5mm?

I plugged my LG G2 into my mixing desk yesterday to listen to some music through my system and I discovered the strangest of interferences coming through the speakers. I hooked it up to my recorder, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Modern Cell phone ringtones

Anyone know of a current library that caters to more smartphone tones? In a pinch and wish I had the time to work up my own. Thanks!
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1 vote
4 answers

Removing cell phone interference

Hi all! Was doing some location recording in a shopping mall today and recorded a cool sounding rickety lift going down with me in it. Unfortunately I seem to have picked up the sound of my mobile ...
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Software solution for splicing in audio in real time

I've got a phone system for the company I work at. We have a line in for the FM radio, it plays music for when people are on hold. What would be the easiest way for me to have the radio fade out at ...
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Interesting find - LA2A Distortion

Yesterday I found something interesting, I was setting up for an ADR session where the actor is speaking over the phone, and what better to record this with than a real phone? So I hooked up my ...
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Best way to record a phone?

Okay so I have a couple reasons why I need to record a phone: 1) To get an authentic phone futz signal for a film where some dialogue needs to sound like it's on the phone. 2) A radio show I record ...
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