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Sound design that "shows what we haven't seen"?

This is a reiteration of an old idea about art's function being "to show us what we haven't seen" or "show what we didn't know that we had to see". Keeping this in mind. Do you have examples of where ...
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Impossible sounds

Have you ever thought of impossible sounds or identified such? An impossible sound is a sound that's (or at least is perceived as being) impossible to record or create and it may also be a sound that ...
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What do you value in life? / Do your values affect what you choose to work on?

Now this is a very deep and philosophical question that digs into the personal level. It could be even slightly offensive. But given that many here work in many other forms of media than just ...
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The 'Sonic' Planck

I've been in a philosophical kind of mood as of late, and I've been pondering this question/concept for the past few days and I've love to hear others' thoughts and ideas on it. Not really a right or ...
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Low Budget Sound Design (Animal Sounds)

What to do when you're working on a low-budget game for children with lots of animals, and you can't source anything pre recorded that's any good? Specifically sounds for giraffes, rats, and pandas. ...
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Psuedo-Science of Sound. Sound healing and "digital drugs". Is there a useful diamond in the BS rough?

Hey guys, Sorry for the long title. I've been thinking a lot about these unconventional and slightly controversial uses of sound outside of a "sound design" context. I wonder if there's anything ...
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