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Tascam DR-100 carry case: PortaBrace AR-100, Petrol PS615 or a camera case?

Hi guys, Just wondering what Tascam DR-100 / DR-100MkII users are using for a carry case? I'm looking at the PortaBrace AR-100 or the Petrol Bags PS615, or finding a suitable camera case as people ...
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Petrol Deca Eargonizer in bad weather/harsh environment

Howdy! I just received my brand new Petrol Deca Eargonizer Small audio bag in the post, after reading many recommendations online about this bag. It certainly seems to be very useful and cleverly ...
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Which Petrol bag will fit two SD 702s?

I'm in crazy mode... I have till tomorrow to buy a bunch of gear for a job, so sorry if my question is a bit raw. I bought myself the Sound Devices CS-3 case, and I'm not a huge fan. I'm about to ...
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