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3 answers

How important is perspective for FX recording

let's say you have a scene and in the background someone closes a door. To go a bit futher, seconds later you hear a distant door shut down the hallway. Do you always record (or choose from a library)...
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editing foleys - taking care of perspective and distance

apart from the whole sync aspect of foley editing i am just curious about: how to treat individual foley clips in terms of distance and perspective (for the mixing) over time. is it a good method to ...
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4 answers

recording ambience with perspective

guys.. there's this film i am working on where the whole story is set on a 2nd floor apartment in a city..since the film would be shot in a set, i'll have to lay ambience tracks from the scratch..i ...
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4 answers

Game Dialogue Recording and Perspective

Hi All, Question for the game audio folks out there - I'm doing a playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution now and noticing that a lot of the character voices sound very up close/clear and '...
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Top-Down Perspective Game Audio

With the resurgence of top down gaming (noting the obvious: Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3) I wanted to ask you all your opinion on creating audio for such a perspective. First, ill throw out some concepts ...
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2 answers

Tiny Perspective

Hey everyone: I've long since finished the project, however I want to know how you guys would go about designing the effects for this particular scene: A person drinks a potion and is shrunk to be 6 ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Mic Position for Footsteps

Dear All, Do any of you tend to place the mic for perspective? Like if the person's feet are off screen, would you place the mic high or further away to make it less "in your face"? In my experience,...
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