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3 answers

Does cpuscaling have any signifcant effect on audio production?

By default most Linux distributions have the cpuscaling service on by default. In principle, it should "get out of the way" and run the processor at full speed once there is significant load. ...
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Live micing mare! 2 performers, ina tight booth, outdoors, 2ft from speakers, no engineer

Ive been asked to spec mics and sound for a outdoor mini theatre production. Involving 2 performers in a booth (think punch & judy lifeseze). Theywant to mic voices and add incidental underscore ...
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12 answers

Examples of non-overt mixes

What are some examples of mixes you've heard that are very emotionally powerful, don't knock you out of your chair because the concept, story telling & depth of character development makes all ...
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How can I test earbuds to determine their quality?

I bought a pair of earbuds on eBay and I'm slightly concerned that they could be a knockoff. Its pretty difficult for me to tell if they are fakes or not since I have nothing to compare the sound with,...
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Which DAW, when rewired with Record / Reason, is better on system performance?

In general, I try to stick to Propellerhead Record / Reason to produce music. But now that I am investing in more natural-sounding external Sound Sample libraries (namely NI's Session Strings Pro and ...
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1 vote
3 answers

capturing and processing sounds in a special live-performance situation

hi, i was asked to do sound design / processing for a live performance-art act. specifically, i need to be able to pick up live sounds from several locations across the stage, mix and process them ...
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2 answers

Digital Mixer for unique art/performance space

I would deeply appreciate some advice for a mixer for our new art/performance space. we have the capability to have 12 inputs into the system, and 12 separate speakers. We would like a mixer that ...
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5 votes
14 answers

Pro Tools on Windows vs. Mac: Any difference?

I'm after your experience here. Is there any known issues with Pro Tools on Windows? I'm considering selling my Mac but I need to be sure that Pro Tools will run just as well on my PC. I have very ...
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1 answer

Computers vs. handmade equipment

After building performance patches with MAX/MSP for a fair while I picked up Nicolas Collins fantastic book "Handmade Electronic Music" and was surprised how fun, liberating and simple it was to build ...
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1 vote
8 answers

Do you trust Firewire Audio Interfaces for live performance?

I wonder if anyone would like to weigh in on their experience using firewire interfaces. I have a MOTU Ultralite mk1. I would be EXTREMELY happy with it, if it didn't flake out and lose contact with ...
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