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How does "transcribe!" or guitar tuner work?

Suppose that we have a microphone-recorded note, say played on a guitar, and we want to write a computer program which will detect the note frequency. There are already plenty of such programs. How to ...
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When a timbre actually "change" on playback? [closed]

For definition, the timbre (i.e. the sound we perceive within our mind) is the spectrum on the signal (and its playing envelope over the time). Thus, a bunch of partials (harmonics and overtones) ...
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Altering perception of a character with sound deisgn

I'm looking for either some information (books, articles, web sites, etc.) or films that just use sound design to alter our perception of characters in films. My plan is to take a scene from a film ...
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Does work experience or a career in sound art affect employability to other fields?

Following this: Professional Sound Designers - Do you make a comfortable living? Given that the field is somewhat risky in terms of work and employment, do you think that or know if listing "...
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Sound perception slowed down in the morning?

Back when I'm still studying in high school I remembered I have this very weird problem, but have no one to turn to at that time. I played music games on my computer a lot. One day I notice that in ...
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How can someone embed emotional content to a desired sound design process ?

I hear a lot of producers layer all kinds off weird sounds underneath their main elements, eg. a babies cry, or a woman's voice under a snare, a cats purr under a bass element in music...of course one ...
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dissertation help. perception of sound

Hi everyone, just finishing off my degree, and want to do my dissertation on audience perception of real and unreal sound in film. But need to find a way to measure it using a practical project. any ...
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Is what we hear as important as what we see in contemporary media experience?

This might not be the right place to get an objective answer to this question, as I assume most of us value sound higher than the average person, but could we even say sound is just as important as ...
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